April 2024

Update 2.0.2: Major version update, supporting Manifest V3.

Google Chrome announced migrating extensions to Manifest V3 would be mandatory come June 2024. This update addresses that, and with it, the extension has been refactored to comply with the new requirements.

Even though the main features remain the same, many changes to the codebase had to be made that had to do with the underlying architecture and the technology stack (from a really old version of Angular, to React).

The most significant and delicate change is the way the extension stores its configuration. This required extensive testing of migration of configuration. After release 2.0.1, a few reports of faulty migration were received, hence a 2.0.2 emergency update including a new tab in options to assist migrating users, access their old configuration, in case it wasn't properly migrated.

The Storage for the extension's configuration change brings some good news: now storage is synced among devices automatically by Chrome, meaning you can have the same configuration on all your devices, without having to manually export/import it.

Options page was restyled. The redesign of the Options page is ongoing, and there've been some reports of layout not displaying correctly for some custom displays / font-sizes. This will be addressed in version 2.1, currently in development and expected to be released within a month.

The main "Search engines grid" engine in the Options page was updated, and with this, and old bug related to sorting engines is now finally fixed.

The way import/export now works requires clipboard permissions be granted to the tool. In version 2.0.2, clipboard permissions are checked, to avoid errors while pasting, as some users from 2.0.1 reported having some pasting issues.

June 2023

Update 0.7.3: The update addresses these issues.

Minor update to address Google Analytics GA4 upgrade.

Code cleanup.

February 2022

Update 0.5: The update addresses these issues.

For the first time in a long while, I've added a new feature: Search Everywhere results can now be opened in a new window. Just check the new box in the Advanced Configuration section to enable this new feature.

Minor spell-check in the Options page.

Minor style cleanup.

Removed references to the old Blog and added links to this website.

March 2021 (version 0.4.3)

Update 0.4.3 and prior: Check old blog.

I won't add the changelog for 0.43 and older versions on this page.

If you're interested in older versions, check the old blog.